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Ghost Notes House Sessions

“Exchange” is a word we use a lot when describing what Ghost Notes is all about. Not just the exchange between the musicians and the audience or the dancers and the DJs, but also – and perhaps most importantly for us – between the players themselves. Our weekly House Sessions are intended to serve as a platform for these exchanges, as we welcome various guests to sit in on session with their hosts Rudi Cresswick and Dave Koor.

Bassist Rudi Cresswick provides the foundation for more than a few of our favourites: Alfa Mist, Tom Misch, Puma Blue and Jordan Rakei are just some of the exciting new artists emerging out of London who’ve all looked to Rudi for his talents with the upright. Long before we were aware of his input into so many of the records we’d been falling in love with of late, we knew Rudi as the young dude who played with our house band every Sunday afternoon at The White Horse. Turns out the suit and tie were a cunning disguise: Rudi’s on it.

Dave Koor is perhaps even more deeply connected with the South London music community, but only because he’s got a few years headstart. Co-founder of Albert’s Favourites, founding member of Jazz Funk hitsquad The Expansions, in-demand producer and remixer both under his own name and Housier handle Doeke, harmonic attache to Andrew Ashong, Ego Ella May and many members of the Touching Bass family… Dave is easily one of the most sought after keys men this side of Croydon, and also one of the friendliest faces on the scene.

Every Tuesday the pair will welcome two musicians from around the way and perform two improvised sets, covering all the bases and hopefully putting lots of smiles on faces.