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Meet The Residents: Danielle (Phonica/NTS/Brstl)

Every Saturday night rotating members from a select group of residents will play unannounced sets at our SE DISCOTHEQUE club night. We’ve decided to approach our flagship weekend event in this manner because we believe a party is about much more than a list of ever-changing headliners, and that actually it’s much more important to build a trust with the dancers and music lovers who are the life and soul of any session.

This series of posts will serve to introduce our residents, and give them an opportunity to talk about their record collections, their love for music and also get an idea of what they’ll be brining to Ghost Notes when they take their turn behind the decks.

We took five minutes to talk to Danielle (Phonica / BRSTL / NTS)

Please introduce yourself  

I’m Danielle, I’m an illustrator, DJ and Londoner that’s been living in Bristol for the last 3 years. I’ve been DJing for 5 years now but I’ve always had an interest in music thanks to my dad; there were turntables and thousands of records in my house for as long as I can remember. My interest in playing records really started when I got a job interning at Phonica at the age of 18 (and I still work there now, 8 years later!). Currently I run a club night in Bristol called BRSTL, I’m also a mentor for an exciting project called Mix Nights which enables women in Bristol  to develop their DJ skills in an encouraging and welcoming environment. I can also be found on NTS quite frequently. Musically my sets traverse a plethora of genres within the two main strains of house and techno, I like to play everything from old school house cuts to deep house, to Electro, UK Techno, New Wave, Bass Music and beyond.

What does your record collection say about you? 
I think my record collection says I work in a record shop! It’s incredibly varied and I buy completely different sorts of records every week. It’s predominantly dance music heavy however my taste in music has developed massively since I first started buying vinyl. Working at Phonica is great, part of my job is to keep up to date with the newest dance music being released but I would also say that my record collection shows how lucky I am as I’ve had the opportunity to borrow loads of Funk, Soul, Disco and house records from my dads collection spanning 40 years. There are a lot of classics in there that I’ve never had to buy myself, but which I have access to. I think it also says I’m quite picky, but I am getting better! There are a few things in my collection that I’ve had to buy the re-issues of as I didn’t buy them the first time around, I’m much better now at just grabbing it right away (regardless of my bank balance) but I still only buy vinyl if i really think I need it.
What have been the latest additions to your collection, and what would you say about them?
I have been on the hunt for and buying a lot of Electro, New wave and more experimental stuff lately. I find it complements my house and UK techno selections perfectly. Most of the time it’s stuff I come across randomly in 2nd hand shops in their ‘Real Electro’ (lol) sections. But some things I’ve recently purchased are Static by Forest Drive West release on Livity Sound and this AB2088 by TXO on CPU. This record on Knekelhuis is great too! I’ve also been buying most of the stuff Dark Entries releases, plus I just got back from a trip to Berlin and found some real gem’s, will have to keep them for when you come to hear me play here on a Saturday night though 😉

Are there records you’re looking forward in particular to playing at SE Discotheque?
I’m looking forward to mixing it up quite a bit. I think most of the sets I play turn out really differently, and that is especially true for when you play B2B with people, so I’m looking forward to that shaking up my selections! I’d like to play some classic stuff like Mercurian Funk from Larry Heard and then mix it up with newer stuff from the likes of Savage Hymn and who knows what else? (I don’t… yet!) but hopefully I’ll be able to play a set which really keeps you on your toes.

On that note, are there other residents you’re looking forwards to playing together with?
I’m a friend of Will Lister’s and have done a Balamii show with him once before, so would be good to play with him again. Otherwise I’m looking forward to playing with them all. It’ll be fun playing with FYI Chris and Kiara Scuro as there’s two of them so should be be quite interesting to do a B2B2B!


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