Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy All Night Long

Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, the driving force behind behind Lucky Cloud and another end of week favourite, Classic Album Sundays, was mentored by one of the founding fathers of Disco, and indeed Dance music, David Mancuso, with whom she founded the London home of his legendary loft parties 14 years ago. Since then Lucky Cloud has become a bastion of all things beautiful: big smiles, fantastic music and most importantly, an unwaveringly accommodating dance floor.

To say we’re ecstatic to play host to Cosmo is under-egging the pudding some what, in fact it would need so many eggs to do it justice we’d actually be making an omelette. Check any of her essential Cosmodelica shows on Worldwide FM to get a feel for what to expect, as a handy starting point we’ll just leave this special edition of the show, a tribute to David Mancuso recorded live at Worlwide Festival last year, here for your aural delight.

The party starts at 10pm and runs right through to the early hours. Pick up your advance £8 tickets here.

Tickets 8 / 10