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Boogie Cafe with Noel Watson

Noel Watson along with his brother Maurice moved from their native Belfast to London in the early ’80s, influenced by early hip-hop and electro. The duo mixed several volumes of the classic Streetsounds series, but changed direction after Maurice visited Chicago and picked up some early house singles. DJing at the London club Delirium, they mixed in the recent additions to less than widespread acclaim; the club was forced to construct a cage around the brothers to protect them from bottle-throwing patrons. Delirium closed in 1987, but Noel took over the club, renamed it Heaven and began to bring in American house stars such as Frankie Knuckles and Ce Ce Rogers; the dedicated core of club-goers began to grow and Britain’s house explosion had begun. Noel was also heavily involved in the broken beat scene in the early 00’s and hosts a monthly show on NTS London.

Boogie Cafe are Jimmy the Twin and Alex, a record label and Djs from Bristol. The label is in its 5th year with releases from Dj Nature, Noel Watson, Sean McCabe, Mannmademusic, Jacques Renault and Neil Diablo. Both Noel and Boogie Cafe have DJ together regularly, they’ll be bringing the heat to Ghost Notes with everything from Funk and Soul to Boogie, Disco, House and future beats.