Ghost Notes Presents South Circular at Tate Modern

Following on from the first roadblock session with special guest Maxwell Owin, South Circular returns to the Terrace Bar at Tate Modern for another evening of musical exchange. As before, South Circular will bring together some of South London’s finest DJs, MCs and musicians to create something special, setting the dance floor alight in the process.
This time round we welcome:
Hector Plimmer – DJ
Jon Phonics – DJ / Live
Footshooter – DJ
The Brother Rusty – DJ
Equal Echo – Live
Where Pathways Meet – Horn Section – Live Improv
Rup – MC
Slam The Poet – MC
Southside meets South Bank in an explosion of Jazz, Spoken Word, Broken Beat, Hip Hop, Jungle, Garage and all the other hotness… plus it’s free entry. Come for a hang in the September evening sunshine and stay for a night of dancing.
Tickets Free Entry