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Melt Yourself Down *Postponed*

***Sadly due to unforeseen circumstances we’re sorry to report the upcoming show from Melt Yourself Down & Aadae has been postponed. All tickets are available for refund at your point of purchase. We will announce a new date for the show as soon as possible.***

Arguably one of the most engaging outfits to have emerged from South East London’s sprawling community of experimental musicians, Melt Yourself Down pack all the same cerebral satisfaction as many of their forbears┬ábut stir such a huge helping of fuck-off-and-then-come-back energy that their live shows border on the blistering.

The band, led by Acoustic Ladyland instigator and all-round pivotal player Pete Wareham, have been keeping a low profile for the in the past year, plotting a follow-up to their frenetic first album, Melt Yourself Down. Now recharged and ready to unleash a volley of new singles throughout 2018.