Tomorrow’s Warriors Present Invariance

The Principle of invariance itself alludes to an alternative approach. The band strives to take a new and modern direction into the sounds of the musical heritage before them. With hard-hitting, raw grooves and a soulful edge, the group takes influence from many sources including jazz, drum & bass and prog/fusion.
They have played behind grime MC ‘Novelist’ and supported world-renowned jazz singer ‘Zara Macfarlane’ at Jazz Cafe. The band are now currently working towards an EP to be released in April.
Line Up 
Kaidi Akinnibi – (Saxophone/Vocal)
John Jones – (Bass) 
Lorenz Okello-Osengor – (Keyboards)
Morgan Simpson – (Drums) 
Daniel Rogerson – (Guitar)
Doors 9pm. £5 Entry.